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About Us


Providing unique educational models with excellence in quality. Our innovations set new benchmarks in the industry - driving the change by inspiration!

Our Values

Passion, Integrity, Relationships, Diversity, Global

“You dare to break boundaries; we will help you realize your dreams”

What we do: EduTotal looks from three perspectives

  1. From a School/ College         You want to expand across with global bridges and be successful with the minimum risks involved. We assure our fullest assistance in it.

    1. From an educational organisations                   

    Developing your business in an unknown terrain, finding the right partners in progress or creating awareness, empowering you with right technology
    1. From a new start up/ entrepreneur           You hint your passion in education and to bring the best in this field and we will sail you through all odds of this business. 

Our Team & Advisors

  • Nishit   (CEO) Chief Executive Officer 
  • Neha   (CSO)  Chief Strategy Officer
  • Anju Director
  • Rohit   (CFO) Chief Financial Officer
  • Prateek   (COO) Chief Online Officer
  • Rahul   (CLO) Chief Legal Officer
  • Chander Prakash  (CKO) Chief Knowledge Officer
  • Mohit   Vice President- Development
  • Akansha Business Development Executive

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