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Regulatory & Compliance Services

We provide regulatory compliance services to Indian and global businesses. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals provides a full range of regulatory compliance risk management services.

Our approach is innovative, low-cost providing practical solutions that are tailored to each individual business needs across all geographic locations.
We design and implement

Governance and organisational structures
*Regulatory management processes
*Compliance risk assessment processes
*Compliance policies and procedures
*Board and executive management reporting processes

Mergers, Acquisitions and Partnerships

We help companies in mergers and acquisitions. Our M&A team help our investors in finding the right buyer and sources of finance. We advise and assist many different forms of mergers and strategic partnerships.


  • Long-term customer supplier relationship
  • Cost saving
  • Greater market share
  • Sharing management
  • Economies of scale
  • Acquisition of new technology
  • Improved market reach
  • Better industry visibility

What we do?

  • We do Data Management & Report Writing
  • We do Data Collection & Data Analysis
  • We have a wide range of domestic and overseas target buyers and investors
  • We assist in developing detailed strategic partnership goals and objectives
  • Developing proposal
  • Contact potential partners
  • Receive, evaluate and negotiate the proposals
  • Execute letter of intent with the preferred partner
  • Negotiating price to maximize value
  • Close the transaction


  • What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is the process of certifying a company or an organization of competency, authority, or credibility.

  • Objectives of Accreditation

            The process of accreditation ensures that the organization is delivering its products and services as per set quality standards.

  • Targeted Audience:
    • Higher Education Institutions
    • Corporate Universities
    • Corporate Business Schools
    • Academies
    • Management Institutes

  • Benefits:
    • It provides the institution with an opportunity for Self-Assessment.
    • Peer Review provides an opportunity to learn from the experienced deans & directors and know about the weak areas, thus providing the scope for improvement.
    • Continuous Improvement.
    • It raises the standard of the business school, thereby, helping in brand- building at national and international level.
    • It helps in introducing diversity into classrooms by bringing foreign students and faculties.
    • It provides an opportunity to develop global network and access to peer based management development activities.
    • It helps in gaining insights into latest trends through participation in events, seminars, competitions etc.
    • It provides opportunity to learn from best practices and sharing experiences.
    • It provides opportunities for promoting your products and services through sponsoring events and competitions.
    • Students in accredited schools become part of a worldwide network of quality institutions focused on student performance.
    • Students will benefit from better exposure, international exchanges and, of course, a further better placement.
    • Quality of the alumni and their career progression will improve.
    • It acts as a marketing tool for Executive Education Programmes.

  • What do we do?

We help Higher Education Institutions in getting International accreditations which ensures that the institution meets various standards of quality as set by the International Accreditation Body, such as educational processes and outcomes, curriculum, teaching-learning, evaluation, faculty, research, infrastructure, learning resources, organization, governance, financial well-being and student services.

  • About EFMD:

EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development) is headquartered in Europe with its corporate office in Brussels.

It currently engages with Over 800 member organizations from academia, business, public service and consultancy in 81 countries. With several years of experience and accumulated knowledge it has created a unique forum for information, research, networking and debate on innovation and best practice in management development.

EFMD today is recognized globally as an accreditation body of highest quality in learning and development and management education with established accreditation services for business schools and business school programmes, corporate universities and technology-enhanced learning programmes.

EFMD runs several events and strategic level discussions around the world. Currently EFMD offers one of the most prestigious & rigorous accreditation EQUIS & EPAS for academic institution. Besides this it runs, CLIP & CEL for corporate learning and development initiatives.  EDAF development programme which all aim to raise the standards of management education and learning from around the world & enable organizations and schools foster & grow towards an International standards.

Types of Accreditation:

  • EQUIS:
    • EQUIS assesses institutions as a whole.
    • Institutions must be primarily devoted to management education.
    • Its scope covers all programmes offered by an institution from the first degree up to the Ph.D.
    • EQUIS looks for a balance between high academic quality and the professional relevance provided by close interaction with the corporate world.
    • It also looks for innovation in all respects, including programme design and pedagogy.
    • Institutions that are accredited by EQUIS must demonstrate not only high general quality in all dimensions of their activities, but also a high degree of internationalization.

  • EPAS:
    • EPAS is an international programme accreditation system operated by EFMD.
    • It aims to evaluate the quality of any business and/or management programme that has an international perspective and, where of an appropriately high quality, to accredit it.
    • A maximum of 2 programme suites may be assessed in any one review cycle.

  • CLIP:
    • CLIP seeks to identify the key factors that determine quality in the design and functioning of corporate learning organizations.
    • It is a mechanism for quality benchmarking, mutual learning and sharing of good practice.
    • Internal self-assessment against a comprehensive set of rigorous criteria is combined with external review by experienced peers.
    • CLIP is a service for EFMD members.

International Rankings

Why are Rankings important?

International Rankings influence the quality. It strengthens the quality assurance system. Rankings improve the competition among institutions/organizations. International Rankings helps in assessing the quality of products/services of an institution as per international standards giving the institution/organization a global recognition. In order to improve ranking position and climb up the ladder, the institutions are tempted to perform better. This keeps them motivated.

Rankings also allow different stakeholders to make informed decisions.

We use the following performance indictors to rank various institutions/organizations.

  • Academic repute
  • Employer  repute
  • Student/Faculty Ratio
  • Research Quality
  • Faculty
  • Student Diversity
  • Social Responsibility
  • Placements
  • International Collaborations

Our Ranking Portfolio includes:

  • Global University Rankings
  • Top Asian B-School Rankings
  • Top 100 B-Schools Rankings
  • Best Undergraduate Programs Rankings
  • Best Graduate Program Rankings

Content Creation & External Assessment

Content creation include maintaining and updating web sites, blogging, photography, videography, online commentary, the maintenance of social media accounts, and editing and distribution of digital media.

We create quality content in the form of books, journal articles, white papers, blogs and video lectures supporting massive open online courses (MOOC).

Our Content Creation Services include:
  • Creating blog posts
  • Case studies
  • E-books
  • White papers
  • Corporate histories
  • Executive biographies
  • Corporate brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Search Engine optimised Web content
  • Articles for Newspapers and magazines
  • Banner Ads

We also provide external assessment to evaluate the relevance of course studies. Our team of experienced assessors provides feedback for improvement in student outcomes.

What we do?
We appoint invigilators and staff for the fair conduct of examination at centres.
e ensure printing and packing of question papers is confidential.
We pack answer scripts and send them safely to examining body's office.
We deploy special squads for checking unfair means.
We assign secret roll numbers to answer books at the examining body's office.


Legal Framework & Auditing

As Indian companies are also setting up abroad, it is very important to understand cross border taxation policies and regulatory framework.

We provide the basic framework for the audit profession in different countries.

Our services include:

  • Scope of services provided by the Certified Accounting Body
  • Establishing national examinations
  • Establishing auditing corporations
  • Duties and Responsibilities of the Certified Accounting Body
  • Specifying the role of the regulatory authority
  • Disciplinary and Criminal Codes applicable
  • International Tax Advice
  • Support on Compliance requirement
  • Payroll policies

Corporate Interface & Executive Education

“Learning by Doing” is vital for student development. We help institutes in building strong relationships with corporates. The exposure to corporate culture grooms students for future career challenges and makes them ready for corporate world giving them edge over non-experienced graduates.

 Our Services:

  • We provide academia-industry collaboration.
  • We provide training programmes to various organizations by our in-house faculty, knowledge partners, domain partners, experts from the industry.
  • We organize workshops for Professionals on various topics of relevance.
  • We provide working professionals with the opportunity to complete their education through our Executive Education Programmes.
  • We offer Customized programs specifically tailored to the needs of a company.
  • We also offer Open enrollment programs of various renowned universities.

How we ensure academia-industry collaboration?

  • We organize Guest Lecturers.
  • We organize well-planned company visits for students.
  • We help in organizing visits for company representatives to the institutions.
  • We help companies organize interactive sessions with students such as seminars, forums etc.

Custom Programs & Joint programs Creation

We design custom programs for organizations. Tailor-made programs are designed to suit the requirements of the executives helping them in developing strategies to meet current and future challenges effectively.

Our custom programs are flexible, timely and affordable. We have specialized faculty that can bring specialized content to your employees.

How we work?

Our team meets your organisation’s  leadership team to identify and understand the challenges and requirements.

Based on the inputs received, we design a custom program.

Joint Programs

We also help institutions and universities to collaborate and create joint programs with a touch of innovation. Our Team works with the institutions in designing the specific program as per the requirements, thus saving your precious time.

Media & PR Management

Today, to expand the audience outreach, it is very important for a business to have a strong media presence.

We provide social media marketing solutions for business of all sizes. We create and manage effective social media campaigns to help your business grow and achieve goals.

What we do?

Social Media Management Services:

  • Post daily industry related content on your business’s Facebook page
  • Tweeting posts on Twitter
  • Responding on Mentions
  • Following other brands
  • Posting daily on LinkedIn business page
  • Interacting with followers
  • Managing Customer Feedback

Social Media Advertising:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising

ð     Website Designing

PR Services

  • National Print Interviews
  • Radio Interviews
  • Television Interviews

Project Financing

We provide project financing solutions to organizations helping them develop high quality business project.

We have a global network of recognized international financial sources such as institutional investors, investment banks, investment clubs, venture capital firms etc.

Our core financial, legal and technical knowledge, skills and experience guides you through successful implementation of a project.

  • We assist and facilitate in successful raising of capital
  • Provide effective execution of a project
  • Provide effective systems for drawing loan
  • Oversee effective disbursement of funds
  • Provide administrative support for debt management and repayment

Conferences & Workshops

What we do?

We help institutions in organizing and conducting meetings, joint conferences and workshops on emergent topics.

We manage all the organizational and administration aspects of the event.

From educational and technical conferences, to association conferences and events, our conference management and event organization teams will assist you in every step of the planning.

  • Event Planning:
    • Defining the theme of the event.
    • Setting the dates.
    • Planning the location
    • Registrations
    • Target Audience
    • Inviting speakers and audience

  • Financial Planning:
    • Registration Fee
    • Finding the venue
    • Sponsorship Management
    • Designing & Printing Conference Material- Handbag, Flyers, Books, Gifts etc.
    • Welcome Reception/ Gala Dinners/ Tea & Coffee Breaks
    • Logistics
    • Transportation Arrangements

Branding & Strategic Marketing

  • What is Branding?

Branding creates a strong, trusted image that helps in building a larger and loyal customer base. Branding is essential for any business as it makes you stand out from competitors. It influences one’s lifestyle and state of mind.

  • What we do?

We work with companies and structure customized programs for them to target attractive customer segments, create the desired image and strengthen the brand.

Our effective marketing strategies contribute a product or services to become a Brand.

We execute well researched marketing activities that are cost-effective too.

We work to increase customers’ awareness about the company and its reputation by communicating what the company does.

  • Our focus:
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Product Development
    • Market Segmentation
    • Brand Management
    • Social Media Advertising 

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